Introduction of the Database:
Publication Contents: The database is mainly composed of two types of documents, namely, judicial documents and cases review (each accounts for about 50%). The database has embraced various cases from 500 people's courts at different levels in our country since 1979, including two typical cases, cases reported by media, cases abroad or historical cases with highly important reference value, etc. Part of documents in the database can be traced to 1949 and before, which are mainly major, serious and puzzling criminal cases in history. The latest cases are preferably selected into clerical cases, among which cases before 2000 account for 98%, and cases after 2005 acounts for 66%.
Causes of Action: civil economic dispute, intellectual property right dispute, admiralty and maritime commerce dispute, criminal offence dispute, case of administrative proceedings, administrative reconsideration, case of administrative execution, case of judicial expertise. All of them can be subdivided into about 1150 subclasses.
Documents Amount: There has been about 510,000 articles till the March of 2016. Annual updated articles are up to 50,000.
Year Coverage: 1979 onwards.
Navigation System: Knowledge Navigation, Cause of Action Navigation and Courts Navigation.
Coverage rate of causes: has already been up to 86%, aiming at 100%.
Distinctive functions: Cause of action navigation; factors of cases navigation; and cases knowledge network node.