Product Introduction
English Name: Chinese Standard Full-text Database (SCSF)
Brief Introduction: Chinese Standard Full-text Database collects national standards published by the China Standard Press and issued by the Standardization Administration of China, accounting over 90% of all national standards in China. Search can be carried out by standard name, standard number, keywords, full-text, publisher, drafting committee, ID number of Chinese Classification for Standards, ID number of International Classification for Standards and drafter. The database has collected more than 44,000 national standards by now.
Features: Every knowledge node of standard integrates relevant domestic and international standards, academic journals, thesis and dissertations, proceedings, newspapers, yearbooks, patents, scientific and technological achievements, which completely reflect the standard background, latest development dynamics and trend of relevant field. It provides a information integration service for exploring each piece of standard and further research on the development trends of its area.
Classification: It is classified by Chinese Classification for Standards (CCS), International Classification for Standards (ICS) and 168 subjects classification of CNKI.
Year Coverage: 1950 onward.
Product Forms: Web, mirror sites and flow accounting.
Update Frequency: Quarterly.
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Publisher: China Academic Journals Electronic Publishing House Co., Ltd. Copyright Statement