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Problems and Solutions for the Cultivation and Supervision of Social Organizations in China

【Author in Chinese】 杨雄程福财

【Author & Institution】 YANG Xiong;CHENG Fu-cai;

【Institution】 上海社会科学院社会学研究所上海社会科学院青少年研究所

【Abstract in Chinese】 相对于国家治理体系现代化的目标而言,当前我国社会组织的发展还面临着合法性不够、政策培育与监管不力等亟待解决的问题。从构建社会组织和政府组织的社会治理伙伴关系的角度看,政府不但需要在注册登记、财税支持、专业支持等方面积极培育社会组织的发展,还要在加强制度规范、强化信息公开、推进社会组织等级评定等方面强化对社会组织的监管。

【Abstract】 Viewing with the goal of modernizing national governing system in mind, social organizations are still facing problems such as inadequate legitimacy, policy cultivation, and supervision, which call for solution in no time. With a view to establish a partnership between governmental and non-governmental organizations, not only is the government responsible for supporting social organizations regarding registration, financial support, and professional assistance, the governmental should also strengthen the supervision in such aspects as structural standards, information freedom, and rating system.

【Keywords in Chinese】 社会治理社会组织培育监管
  • 【Source】 毛泽东邓小平理论研究 ,Studies on Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping Theories , Editorial E-mail ,2014(04)
  • 【CLC code】D632.9
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