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Characteristics of Concentration and Meditation of Elite Archers during Different Training Methods

【Author in Chinese】 韦军王琳李蕾

【Author & Institution】 WEI Jun;WANG Lin;LI Lei;Dept.of Sport Science,Guangxi Sport College;Dept.of Sport Rehabilitation,Beijing Sport University;

【Institution】 广西体育高等专科学校运动人体科学系北京体育大学运动康复系

【Abstract in Chinese】 目的:利用单导脑电系统测试计分、不计分、无靶纸3种情况训练射箭运动员的专注度和放松度,分析三者对成绩的影响。方法:高水平射箭运动员12人进行计分和无计分训练,取6﹥支箭环数55的为高分组(HSG),≤55的为低分组(LSG),训练时没有靶纸、无计分的为对照组(CON),记录每支箭从举弓至撒放之间专注度和放松度的数据并进行分析。结果:HSG组专注度与LSG组的差异无统计学意义,但是明显低于CON组(P<0.05);HSG组放松度显著高于LSG组(P<0.01),但与CON组的差异无统计学意义。结论:专注度水平对射箭成绩影响不明显;放松度水平高有助于获得好成绩;专注度和放松度两者之间无对立关系。

【Abstract】 Purpose:The purpose of this study is to analysis the effects of concentration and meditation to elite archers` score in their training by the EEG feedback equipment.Methods:12 elite archers trained required or non-required to record score during training,the scores more than 55 in 6 shoots score(excluding 55)was assigned as high score group(HSG),less than 55(including 55)was assigned as low score group(LSG),and no archery target training as control group(CON),each shooting process EEG data was recorded and analyzed.Result:In the concentration level,the HSG showed no significant different to LSG(P>0.05),but significantly lower than the CON(P<0.05).In the meditation,the HSG was significantly higher than LSG(P<0.01),but no significant was found between HSG and CON.Conclusion:The level of concentration did not significantly affect the performance of archers,high meditation level was much more important for getting better performance and the concentration and meditation level was not contradiction.

【Keywords in Chinese】 脑电波专注度放松度射箭
【Key words】 EEGconcentrationmeditationarchery
  • 【Source】 天津体育学院学报 ,Journal of Tianjin University of Sport , Editorial E-mail ,2013(04)
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