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Textual Reproduction as Surplus Value in Light of Simone de Beauvoir:Paul on Pleasing Christ and Spouses

【Author in Chinese】 约伦·欧克兰何桂娟

【Author & Institution】 Jorunn ?KLAND;HE Guijuan;Centre for Gender Research, University of Oslo;

【Institution】 挪威奥斯陆大学性别研究中心西华大学外国语学院四川大学道教与宗教文化研究所

【Abstract in Chinese】 本文将在圣经、女性主义等的交叉点上开展一个实验。文章将特别关注《哥林多前书》7:25-40,通过对这部分的术语、体裁及结构进行评注,来分析其中对文学语言本质及特征发挥作用的性别意识形态。在此,保罗有关已婚者要承受"身体的/世上的苦难"的观点将同西蒙娜·德·波伏娃《第二性》中有关婚姻、生育及母性等高度含糊的观点进行对话,并由大多数后来的女性主义理论家予以进一步阐述、讨论或批评。保罗和波伏娃都赞同这一点:为了摆脱焦虑和烦恼,最好不要拥有家庭,为了达到更高的世界——道,一定程度的禁欲主义是必须的。波伏娃在女性弃绝婚姻的基础上看到了实现艺术及文本生产的可能性,她认为,退出(再)生产线并从事文本生产,才是女性成为完全人的唯一出路。保罗实际上支持在信基督的男性及女性中间创造剩余价值,此剩余价值是凭借其主人和主而积累起来的,并生成财富及权力;主反过来也被颂赞。保罗及波伏娃所选择的文本生产,仅仅在他人有性生殖世界所累积的剩余价值的基础上才有可能。

【Abstract】 This article carries out an experiment at the interface between the Bible,feminism,and a Marxistmaterialist understanding of ideology. I give special attention to 1 Corinthians 7: 25-40, analyzing aspects of its gender ideology at work in the grain and texture of literary language through notes on its nomenclature, genre and structure. Paul’s view here, of the "bodily/worldly distress" of those who are married,will be brought into conversation with the highly ambiguous view of marriage, reproduction and motherhood found in Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex and further developed, discussed or criticized by most subsequent feminist theorists. Paul, Marx and Beauvoir then, agree that in order to be free from anxiety and troubles, it is better not to have your own family and that certain asceticism(with some differences) is necessary in order to reach the higher world, the Word. With women’s abstention from marriage, Beauvoir sees in addition, the possibilities of arriving at production of art and texts. For Beauvoir, to exit the reproduction line and enter into textual production instead is the only way for a woman to be fully human. Paul in fact argues for the creation of surplus value in Christbelieving women and men, a surplus value that is accumulated upon their Master and Lord, and generate the richness and power for which the Lord is praised in turn. The textual reproduction that Paul and Beauvoir have opted for is only possible on the basis of the accumulated surplus value of the sexual reproduction of the world by others.

【Keywords in Chinese】 意识形态婚姻文本生产剩余价值
【Key words】 ideologysexualitymarriagetextual reproductionsurplus value
  • 【Source】 圣经文学研究 ,Journal for the Study of Biblical Literature , Editorial E-mail ,2017(02)
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