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Reflection on Establishing and Perfecting the Major Decision-making’s Social Stability Risk Assessment Mechanism

【Author in Chinese】 杨雄

【Author & Institution】 YANG Xiong

【Institution】 上海社会科学院青少年研究所上海社会科学院社会调查中心

【Abstract in Chinese】 党的十八大报告强调,要加强和创新社会管理,建立健全重大决策社会稳定风险评估机制。搞好重大决策社会稳定风险评估机制是科学决策的重要创举。当前可能影响重大决策、重大项目社会稳定风险评估的有七大公共安全领域。评估重大项目社会稳定风险关键在于:一是看重大决策、重大项目实施所在地经济、政治、社会环境和群众是否有足够的可承受力;二是看重大决策、重大项目本身的合理、合法性,尤其是重大项目能否被利益人群所接受。重大决策社会稳定风险评估需建立一个科学的指标体系。对重大决策、重大项目社会稳定风险评估指标的设计,应考虑社会发展的主导性及影响当前社会稳定的主要因素。

【Abstract】 The part of "strengthening social construction in the people’s livelihood improvement and innovation management" in the report of the 18th National Congress of CPC especially emphasizes enforcement and innovation of social management,establishing and improving the Major Decisionmaking’s Social Stability Risk Assessment Mechanism.Doing a good job in major decision-making ’s social stability risk assessment mechanism is an important innovation of scientific decision-making.There are seven public security fields influencing probably social stability risk assessment of major decision-making and major projects currently.The key of evaluation of major project ’s social stability risk lies in: one,local economic,political,social environment of the major decision-making,the implementation of major projects and the fact whether people have enough bearing capacity;two is rationality,the legitimacy of major decision-making and projects itself,especially whether major projects,can be accepted by the interest groups.A scientific index system needs to be built for major decision ’s social stability risk assessment.Design of major decision-making and projects’ social stability risk assessment index,should consider the dominance of social development and the main factors influencing of current social stability.

【Keywords in Chinese】 重大决策重大项目社会稳定风险评估
  • 【Source】 毛泽东邓小平理论研究 ,Studies on Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping Theories , Editorial E-mail ,2013(03)
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