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Clinical analysis of urinary tract infections in patients with brain stroke

【Author in Chinese】 陶剑虹姚洁朱满连江瑞来

【Author & Institution】 TAO Jian-hong;YAO Jie;ZHU Man-lian;JIANG Rui-lai;Lishui City Second People′s Hospital;

【Institution】 丽水市第二人民医院老年科丽水中心医院门诊部

【Abstract in Chinese】 目的探讨老年脑卒中住院患者合并尿路感染的临床情况及相关因素,为临床诊治提供参考依据。方法选取2012年12月-2014年1月老年脑卒中住院患者344例,分析感染发生率、病原菌分布及影响感染的相关因素,采用SPSS 13.0软件进行统计分析。结果 344例患者中有79例患者发生尿路感染,感染率为22.97%;共分离出104株病原菌,其中革兰阴性菌64株占61.5%,革兰阳性菌40株占38.5%,其中大肠埃希菌与金黄色葡萄球菌居多,分别占37.50%、25.96%;年龄≥60岁、住院时间>4周、多种抗菌药物联合使用、侵入性诊疗、留置导尿管、低蛋白血症、Brunstrom 4~6分级均是发生尿路感染的危险因素(P<0.05)。结论老年脑卒中住院患者合并尿路感染发生率较高,影响因素较多,在有效控制相关因素基础上,应选择针对性抗感染治疗。

【Abstract】 OBJECTIVE To investigate the clinical situation and related factors of stroke in elderly hospitalized patients with urinary tract infections,so as to provide the reference for clinical diagnosis and treatment.METHODS From Dec 2012 to Jan.2014,totally 344 cases of elderly hospitalized patients with brain stroke were selected and the incidence rate of infections,pathogen distribution and the infection related factors were statistically analyzed by SPSS 13.0software.RESULTS Among the 344 patients,79cases of patients appeared urinary tract infections,the incidence rate was 22.97%;totally 104 pathogens were isolated,including 64 strains of gram-negative bacteria(61.5%),40 strains of gram-positive bacteria(38.5%),of which Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aurous accounted for the majority,respectively 37.50% and 25.96%.The risk factors included:over 60 years of age,over 4weeks of hospital stay,combination of a variety of antibiotics,invasive diagnosis and treatments,catheters indwelling,hypoalbuminemia,4~6grade of Brunstorm(P<0.05).CONCLUSIONThe elderly hospitalized patients with brain stroke have high incidence rate of urinary tract infections,and the influencing factors are various.The targeted anti-infective therapy should be selected on the basis of effective control of relevant factors.

【Fund】 浙江省医药卫生基金资助项目(2013KYA136);丽水市科技局科技基金资助项目(P20140216085639)
  • 【Source】 中华医院感染学杂志 ,Chinese Journal of Nosocomiology , Editorial E-mail ,2015(07)
  • 【CLC code】R743.3;R691.3
  • 【Internet Publish Date】2015-04-07 08:54
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