Introduction of the Database:
Introduction: The entire literary paper documents all originate from China Knowledge Resources Database. The database integrates, processes and selects legal and legal-related documents from 128 types of Chinese excellent legal journals and more than 7700 types of related comprehensive journals, about 150 types of domestic govermental bulletins and reports at different levels, doctoral dissertations of 380 doctors' degree-granting units, masters' thesises of 540 masters' degree-granting units, important proceedings of 1500 academies and associations all over the country, and more than 500 types of newspapers.
Navigation System: Knowledge Navigation, Journal Navigation, Degree-grantors Navigation, Sponsors Navigation.
Year Coverage: 1979 onwards
Documents Amount: There has been about 2,270,000 articles till the March of 2016. Annual updated articles are up to 160,000.
Product Format: WEB Version (On-line Perpetual), Mirror Site Version
Publication Date: 1. Perpetual Version: Center website version is updated each workday (legal holidays are exluded).
2. Mirror Version: Web mirror version is updated on 10th of each month.