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Youth is an Important Force to Promote Social Progress and Lift China Dream

【Author in Chinese】 杨雄

【Author & Institution】 Yang Xiong;Institute of Sociology,Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences;

【Institution】 上海社会科学院社会学研究所

【Abstract in Chinese】 青年作为一种社会承前启后、富有生命力和创造力的代群,是未来社会的主干,是推动社会进步的重要力量。"中国梦"和青年梦是相辅相成的,青年梦是"中国梦"的一个重要组成部分。青年一代是实现"中国梦"的重要力量,青年对国家认同度上升是实现"中国梦"的基础。中国特色社会主义事业是面向未来的事业,需要一代又一代青年的努力奋斗。实现"中国梦"应将青年优先发展作为国家重要战略。

【Abstract】 As a social link between the past and the future and on behalf of the group full of vitality and creativity,youth are the backbone of future society and an important force to promote social progress.China dream and youth dreams are complementary.Youth dream is an integral part of China dream and the two mutually reinforce.Only winning youth,we can win the future.The young generation is an important force to achieve China dream.The rise of youth’s degree of national identity is the foundation of the realization of China dream.Socialism with Chinese characteristics is a future-oriented cause and needs the continuing struggle of one and one youth generation.Achieving China dream should take youth priority development as the national strategy.

【Keywords in Chinese】 “中国梦”青年梦国家认同青年社会政策
【Key words】 China DreamYouth DreamNational IdentityYouth Social Policy
  • 【Source】 当代青年研究 ,Contemporary Youth Research , Editorial E-mail ,2014(01)
  • 【CLC code】D61
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